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Our spray tanning consent is available at the top of our website. Please complete it prior to your appointment.  

In a very private setting, you will dress down to your comfort level. We provide disposable undergarments if you wish to wear them. We also provide: primer prep spray, barrier cream, sticky feet, eye shields, nose plugs, lip balm, and a hair cap at no extra cost! If you haven't had time to exfoliate, we offer an exfoliating prep mitt for an additional cost to ensure your skin is prepared!


We will complete your spray tanning session with a drying powder treatment which eliminates any sticky feeling. It smells amazing and it's included with your spray tan! We are the only sunless salon that uses this amazing drying powder blend in the Lake Norman area! 

Be sure to check out our preparation instructions!

Looking for a product that's going to ex


For those who want a sunless tan but don’t have a lot of time to spare, the Rapid spray tan provides beautiful sunless color with a brief processing time.


Leave it on for 1 to 3 hours - depending on how dark you'd like to be. 

Be sure to check out the specific preparation tips!

Screen Shot 2020-07-24 at 6.46.10 AM.png


Our overnight solution never disappoints providing you with this "Just off the beach" color! 

Leave this solution on 12 to 24hrs and you're ready to Glo!


Check out our preparation tips!

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