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Microcurrent Facial Treatment 

This facial treatment is a non-invasive procedure that has so many benefits. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, tightens loose skin, reduces under eye puffiness, contours your jaw line and cheek - plus so much more! It's a natural modality that increases your collagen and elastin production through cellular activity. No down time, no needles, just results! 


This is essentially a work out for your face and you'll see results at your first appointment! Just like going to the gym, you want to build your muscle and then maintain it once your goal is achieved.  We recommend a weekly series of sessions to achieve your results and a maintenance session after your series is completed - about every 4 weeks. 

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Body Toning

Just like going to the gym, you build your results and you maintain them. Microcurrent body toning metabalizes fat, promotes lymphatic drainage, reduces cellulite and tones muscle. 

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